COVID- 19 Resources

Microsoft training seminar on resources, tools, and online education

Link to: Microsoft Partnerships and Resources to Support Blended and Remote Classroom Learning Outcomes.

Link to: Using Microsoft Tools and Resources to Support Blended and Remote Classroom Instruction and Learning.


CredEd brings your organization and educators a world-class opportunity, with digital portfolios, professional development, certification pathways, microcredentials and industry trusted partners.

Office Depot® and Essentials for COVID- 19 Resources

Now more than ever, it’s essential to provide employees, clients, and workers with equipment that can help prevent the spread of germs and foster a healthier environment. That’s why Office Depot® is proud to carry essential items that include safety spacing discs, wellness barriers, disposable face shields, and more. Click on the links below to learn more.

McKinsey & Company: HVAC Improvements

McKinsey & Company: Can HVAC systems help prevent transmission of COVID-19?

McKinsey & Company: Charting the path to the next normal

  • Our Charting the path to the next normal series offers a daily chart that helps explain a changing world—during the pandemic and beyond. In case you missed them, this week’s graphics explored HVAC improvements, innovation investments, Mediterranean crops, UK car buying in the crisis, and coastal cities’ flood risk.