Commission on State, National, and International Relations


Dr. Larry Blackmer(AAA)
Mr. Jeff Inniger(WELSSA)
Mr. Greg Miller(ACTS)
Dr. Allan Blau(NIPSA)
Teri Logan, J.D(NIPSA)
Mrs. LuAnne Schendel(CSF)
Ms. Susan Taylor(CSF)
Mr. Edward Earwood(NACSAA)
Dr. Joe Haas(NACSAA)
Dr. Steve Robinson(SAIS)
Mr. Jim Rademan(WELSSA)
Ms. Wanda Sarr(ISEI)

Commission Officer:

Dr. Larry BlackmerCommission Chair (AAA)
Mr. Jeff InnigerCommission Vice Chair (WELSSA)
Mr. Greg MillerCommission Secretary (ACTS)

Ex-Officio Commissioners (non-voting):

Mr. Jeff InnigerChair, NCPSA (WELSSA)
Clayton J. PetryExecutive Director, NCPSA

The basic administrative bodies within NCPSA are the National Council, its Executive Committee, the Commission on Standards and Review, the Commission on State, National and International Relations, the Commission on Infant and Early Childhood Education and the National Advisors.