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Commission on Standards and Review


Dr. Howard Burke (2016)(FACCS)
Dr. Hank Cram (2018)Public Member At-Large (MSA-CESS)
Mr. Terry Brown (2016)Public Member At-Large (TEA)
Dr. Lawrence Bowman (2018)(KYNPSC)
Rabbi Nochem Kaplan (2018)(NABMLIC)
Dr. Charaline Luna (2018)(AISF)
Dr. R. Jay Nelson (2016)(ACTS)
Mrs. Mary Camp (2018)(FCC)
Mrs. Sara Wilson (2016)(AMS)

Commission Officer (Voting):

Dr. Howard BurkeCommission Chair (2016)
Rabbi Nochem KaplanCommission Vice Chair (2018)
Dr. Charaline Luna
Commission Secretary (2018)

Commission Officer (Voting):

Dr. R. Jay NelsonChair, NCPSA (ACTS)
Clayton J. PetryExecutive Director, NCPSA

The basic administrative bodies within NCPSA are the National Council, its Executive Committee, the Commission on Standards and Review, the Commission on State, National and International Relations, the Commission on Infant and Early Childhood Education and the National Advisors.