EDvera simplifies and manages your accreditation operations by eliminating paperwork, automating processes and centralizing the control of reviews and notifications. Access critical records and information instantaneously – streamline communications and generate all necessary reports.

An easy-to-use dashboard keeps critical tasks up front and organized every day. All steps of the process are completed within the system by both institutions and reviewers/commissioners, including:

  • Self-study reports/Self-evaluation reports
  • Site visit reports
  • Annual reporting, including financial and enrollment
  • Completion statistics
  • Initial, renewal, location, and personnel applications

EDvera can automate reminder letters, application updates, and other regular communications, as well as certificates. The system also tracks changes to documentation at every step in the process, so institutions know exactly where they are in your process.
As a central hub for compliance documents and data, EDvera eases the burden of auditing institutions.

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EDvera for K12 Accreditors with Dr. Jeff Walton of AACS:

Link to: EDvera Webinar for K12 Accreditors