Executive Committee


Ms. Mary CampPresident / Chair (FCC)
Dr. Arne NielsenVice President / Vice-Chair (AAA)
Dr. Lawrence BowmanTreasurer (KYNPSC)
Ms. Joanne AndruscavageSecretary (SAIS)
Mr. Jay Nelson Past President / Chair (ACTS)

Executive Committee Representative At-Large:

Mr. Daniel Rufo(MSA-CESS)

NCPSA Commission Chairs – Representatives:

Grace Creasey(VCPE)
Rabbi Nochem Kaplan(NABMLIC)

Executive Director:

Clayton J. Petry

Associate Executive Director:

Dr. Larry Blackmer

Representatives At-Large:

Dr. Lisa Marie McCauleyAlliance Representative (MSA-CESS)
Mr. Cam StaplesRegional Representative (NEASC)
Mr. Terry Brown(School Choice Wisconsin)

Recording Secretary:

Ms. Beverly Amico(AWSNA)

The basic administrative bodies within NCPSA are the National Council, its Executive Committee, the Commission on Standards and Review, the Commission on State, National and International Relations, the Commission on Infant and Early Childhood Education and the National Advisors.