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Evaluating What Works in Blended Learning

Education Week - 2012


"My School Must Change! Is all “change” good? Is every new idea relevant?"

Rabbi Nochem Kaplan, Merkos Chinuch Office - October 2011


"NELHS gains accreditation"

York News Times - March 21, 2011


"NCPSA Thoughts on Accreditation"

NCPSA e-newsletter - January 2011


"Rabbi Nochem Kaplan Appointed President of NCPSA" - March 16 2009


“Clarification and Kudos On Accreditation Coverage”

 Education Week - July 9, 1997


“Five States Recognize Private School Accrediting Group”

 Education Week - June 18, 1997


“NCPSA and Private Elementary and Secondary School Accreditation” 

Matching Gift Notes - 1997


“For Your Consideration"

 Private Education Issues - October 1995


“Group Formed To Oversee the Quality of Private Schools Fast Expanding Its Scope”

 Education Week - June 21, 1995


“Private School Accrediting Association Names Members”

 Education Week - October 5, 1994